We are specialists in frameless glass for home interiors and exteriors in Brisbane.   We custom design glass solutions and work with our clients to design, supply and install high quality frameless glass products.
Our frameless glass is made from high quality safety glass and all of our fixtures and fittings are sourced from quality suppliers.
If you are looking to modernise and add value to your home then take a look at our products and services and then call us for a free, no obligation quote.


Glass Balustrades

Modernise your home or pool with sleek frameless or semi frameless glass balustrades.

Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is a modern, safe and secure way to enhance your backyard.

Shower screens

Shower screens for every home, from fully framed to frameless we have something for everyone.

glass splashbacks

Kitchen splash backs can be customised to suit your individual style.


We have mirrors in the latest  design and style for all areas of your home.

Sliding robe doors

Whether it’s a new build or just to freshen your old robe we’ve got options to suit every budget.

EnduroShield Professional Applicators


EnduroShield is a fabulous product that repels water and assists in protecting against staining and etching.  Surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Everyone loves the reduction in cleaning required for their bathroom when treated with EnduroShield. Let’s be honest, cleaning your shower-screen glass is a job that no-one likes to do.

It’s time consuming and the various cleaning products available can be overpowering to use in a small space.

What if there was a product you could apply to the glass which can reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%?

Well lucky for you, there is such a thing!

Cardinal Glass Innovations are proud to be certified professional applicators of the EnduroShield product range.

When applied to new glass, EnduroShield carries a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.

So if you are looking to reduce the time you spend cleaning your shower glass, enquire about EnduroShield today!

EnduroShield Applicators Brisbane